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The latest updates to Libby

Libby have made a few enhancements to their app, to continue to provide the best experience possible for our readers.
Helpful Shelf tips: There will be new Shelf tips, including one that encourages you to return books once you’re done. You will see this early return prompt based on your reading progress and the number of other readers waiting for a title. Updated Loans display: The look of the loan screen has been refreshed, adding a reading progress bar and exact due dates. A simple tap on the due date for each book brings up options to return early, renew, or go to the details page.Improved wait time display: You can now see the estimated wait time for a hold by tapping the new calendar icon on your Holds shelf. The OverDrive site will also display an approximate wait time. Please note that all wait times are estimates and may change based on various factors, like early return and hold pickup time.New Shelf summary: When visiting the Shelf, you will be greeted with a quick summary of…