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Kura Heritage Collections Online: A birthday gift to Auckland

To celebrate Auckland's anniversary, Auckland Libraries has wrapped the city's heritage in an easy-to-explore package with Kura Heritage Collections Online.

Unwrap our heritage with the click of a mouse or swipe of a phone to discover more than 600,000 historic documents and records.

Kura features a wealth of photographs and portraits, plans and personal letters - and that's just the start. Before Kura launched, history enthusiasts had to access heritage items by trawling through dozens of databases. Now the content is easy for anyone to browse, download and share instantly - and still completely free.

Councillor Penny Hulse, Chairperson of the Environment and Community Committee, is excited about the launch and passionate about what Kura will offer to Aucklanders.
“It’s about giving the city the ability to access their heritage as easily and conveniently as possible,” she says.

“We want today’s Aucklanders and future generations to explore the stories of the past.”

“What’s part…