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Back to school 2019

Get back into the swing of school with Auckland Libraries back to school resources!

We have plenty of books, online databases and events to keep kids busy and help them prepare to learn. 

Book listsBrowse our specially curated book lists for kids and teens.

Mindfulness for kidsCoding for kidsNative animals of New ZealandMyths and legends from NZ and the PacificDyslexia friendly reads for kidsReread a childhood favourite
Teens Diverse teen readsKickstart your teen's readingDyslexia friendly reads for teensA little homework helpKeep browsing our dozens of book lists for fun reads, interesting facts and much more!

Online resourcesVisit our Homework Help page where we have lots of online resources to help you with your homework or assignments. 

Check out these databases for kids and teens:
World Book KidsOpposing viewpoints in contextStudent resources in contextDiscovery - National ArchivesAnyQuestionsMany Answers EventsWe have a range of afterschool events for tamariki throughout the year…