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RBdigital's eMagazine collection is expanding!

The RBdigital eMagazine collection is expanding, bringing you 42 brand new titles in April. 

Amongst the collection are internationally recognizable mags such as Pip Permaculture, The Hollywood Reporter and In the Moment

RBdigital’s expansion caters to a variety of literary tastes, whether you’re after the latest Vogue UK or a diehard Fishing World fan. Check out the list of new additions below or visit RBdigital to browse the entire collection

3D ArtistAPCAustralian Country HomesAustralian Mountain BikeAustralian Photography + DigitalAuto ExpressAutosportCaravan WorldChatClassic BikeClassic RockClimbingCountry LifeCross Stitch CrazyCruising HelmsmanField, TheFishing WorldFood HeavenHELLO! Fashion MonthlyHollywood Reporter, TheHomebuilding & RenovatingIn The MomentInternational TravellerMalaysia TatlerMetro HomeMetro SocietyPeriod LivingPip Permaculture MagazinePractical PhotoshopProgRace ControlRhythmSea AnglerSimply KnittingStreet MachineSurfing LifeT3 AustraliaTechLifeTrailTra…

Automatic eMagazine checkouts now available

Great news! From 11 October, RBdigital users will be able to automatically check out new issues of eMagazines as soon as they are available! 

This means you will always have the latest issues of your favourite magazines waiting for you in your RBdigital account!

When checking out a magazine, you will be able to select if you would like to be notified via email of the availability of future issues and have those automatically checked out and available for reading in the RBdigital app and website.

If you have already opted to be notified when future issues of your favourite magazine are available, in future you will be emailed and your magazine will automatically be checked out to you.

Find out more about accessing eMagazines on our website or click here to read more about RBdigital’s eMagazine selection.