The Great Summer Read He Pānuitanga Raumati wildcard challenge

It's the last challenge on the Great Summer Read challenge list but we're seeing people choosing it as their first! And why not? It's the chance to set your own challenge!

It could be something you've always meant to do but never quite had the courage, like writing a fan letter to your favourite author. Or something where you’d welcome a little extra incentive - like maybe winning a prize - to persevere, like reading a book in the language you studied in school.

If you haven't already got an ace up your sleeve to play, try one of these great suggestions from our librarians.

Be sure to tell us about your wildcard in the comments section below, whether it’s one of these or one of your own!
  • Share a favourite quote from the book you read.
  • Take an insect/bird/animal guide with you on a wildlife hunt and see how many species you can find in your garden, neighbourhood, at the beach, etc.
  • Judge that book by its cover! Choose a book without looking inside.
  • Read a book about a famous player of a sport you like.
  • Read a book and describe it using emojis only. 
  • Create a holiday decoration from the instructions in a book. 
  • Read a genre you have not tried before e.g. Sci-Fi, Western, graphic novel.
  • Read a sequel and see if your guess about what would happen was right.
  • Write a short sequel (a page) for a book that doesn’t have one.
  • Read a summer-themed book.
  • Finish a book, and then rewrite the ending with an idea of your own.
  • Read a book about something you fear e.g. flying, spiders, caves.
  • Read a book translated from another language.  
  • Read a book set where you grew up.
  • Read a book about books.
  • Write a letter to the author, and either send it or don’t (but do share it with us!).
  • Read a book about NZ history or Maori culture (novels or non-fiction).
  • Recommend a book to someone.
  • Read something by an author who shares your first name.
  • Read something set on another world.
  • Read a book with a non-human protagonist.
  • Read a book and write a poem responding to it. 
  • Read a book in two: take turns reading chapters aloud to each other.
  • Read a book set in a country you have never been to or lived in.
  • Read a book with food in the title (or another great love!).
  • Read a book about an animal or other non-human, including imaginary.
  • Read a book about families.
  • Read a picture book backwards - how soon before you guess the start?
  • Read a comic book if you haven’t before.
  • Read a story or poem to your family after a meal. Perhaps all family members could read one, young and old!
  • Read a book and draw your interpretation of the main character or photograph your interpretation of the setting.
  • Listen to an audiobook with more than one narrator.
  • Ask a relative, work or school colleague, or even a random co-commuter, for a reading recommendation.
  • Read a book published in the year you were born.
  • Read a book inspired by mythology, legend or folklore.
  • Find a poem in a book and share it with someone.
  • Read a book by an inspirational New Zealander.
  • Read a how-to book and post a picture of the book and the item you made on your favourite social media using the #ALGreatSummerRead hashtag
  • Read a book in a beautiful location and post a picture of your book and the background on your favourite social media using the #ALGreatSummerRead hashtag.

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  1. My wildcard challenge was to read a book on an Auckland suburb other than the one that you lived in.

  2. My wildcard challenge is write a book

  3. My wild card challenge was to finish a book series that I had already started instead of starting another one.

  4. My wildcard challenge was to read a book about the culture of the area that I was traveling to for my holiday. It gave me an interesting perspective on the culture of the people.

  5. My wildcard challenge was to give feedback to Auckland Libraries about some improvements I think could be made to the website. Done.

  6. My wildcard challenge was to read a book that was recommended by my Mum ( Anne Frank- The diary of a young girl). It gave me a whole new perspective on how scary it would have been for people and what happened when Germans occupied Netherlands in WWII.

  7. My second wildcard challenge was to watch a documentary borrowed from the library. I chose Awake The Life of Yogananda on impulse. I then discovered it was on tv over the summer. I feel I was meant to watch it. I found it fascinating. Perhaps next I'll read his autobiography or a biography about him!

  8. My wildcard challenge is to read something about NZ history.

  9. My wildcard challenge was to read a book recommended to me by someone else. I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer, which my young-adult daughter recommended to me a few years ago and had been asking me on and off to read ever since. I don't normally read teen fiction but I enjoyed this book and will read the rest in the series. I have already checked in this challenge but hadn't read the challenge properly and only just realised that I needed to write about it on the Auckland Libraries blog. So here it is :-)

  10. I’ve been reading my childhood favourites aloud to my children. They don’t like the scariness of most modern children’s chapter books but they adore these. It’s been delightful. We have Charlotte’s Web and The Incredible Journey on the go.

  11. For my wildcard challenge, I chose to read a book with a protagonist who is of a different generation to me. I read 'The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 years old.' Hendrik is over 50 years my senior. I found his diary of life in a care home to be a potential insight to my future, but who knows how thing will change in another 50 years... Inspiring, funny, heart-felt and also heart-breaking.

  12. My wild card challenge was to do a fitness activity related to the library - to get some balance as I've been reading a lot this summer! So I did a high intensity interval training routine from a DVD borrowed from the library. It was good. I'll keep doing it.

  13. I read a book on cognitive behaviour therapy and tried all of the journal activities to try and improve my stress levels. It helped!


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