Our mobile library and access services are changing!

For some time, we've been working on how to expand our regional mobile library and access services to be able to reach more Aucklanders, more often.

We're pleased to announce that our expansion plans have now been approved by Auckland Council's Environment and Community Committee and we will be rolling out the following changes in the coming months.
  • Increasing our current team of staff members and creating new roles. These include a reo speaking Māori Mobile librarian, rural library coordinator and librarian to support volunteers, and a homebound access coordinator to provide access to customers unable to leave home
  • Operating three large buses and two, more agile, vans
  • Operating seven days a week and expanding outside of traditional hours (previously mobile libraries only operated on weekdays during normal business hours) - read on for details of the updated stops and new schedules (effective from 15 October)
  • Visiting more local and regional events throughout Tāmaki Makaurau
  • Giving a special focus to younger and older Aucklanders, and isolated communities
  • Providing improved services at rest homes, pensioner housing, aged-care facilities and retirement villages
  • Increased digital capability to better reflect a modern library service.
We are also discontinuing some underused residential stops. In some cases, residential stops have a library in their community, in other cases, they are underutilised or have decreasing customer numbers.

We want to support more schools, pre-schools, marae and kohanga reo to lift literacy and introduce kids to the world of libraries and information. We are discontinuing bus visits to some higher decile schools, however, a pop-up library will replace the bus service in most cases.

If you know someone who is unable to get to their local library, in special circumstances, where people are homebound, we can assess you for our volunteer homebound service. 

For more information about our homebound service or if you have any other questions about the changes to our mobile library service, please email the Mobile Library team.

View our new mobile library access services timetables (effective from 15 October):

Visit our website to view current mobile library timetables (valid until 14 October).