Books and Beyond: Banned books week

Banned Books Week is now in its 36th year, still championing and defending the freedom to read.

The spotlight's on banned, sequestered and burned books through history (including two from Aotearoa), as Karen and Louisa celebrate the freedom to read, and conclude that books always outlast their bans!

Listen to this episode on the Auckland Libraries SoundCloud and read on for the books mentioned in the show.

Nine banned books which feature on the Auckland Libraries poster for Banned Books Week:

    Other books discussed:

    • Into the River by Ted Dawe
    • The beginner's guide to living by Lia Hills
    • Safe Marriage by the New Zealand journalist, socialist and safer sex campaigner Ettie Rout, which was banned in New Zealand when it was published in 1922. 
    • The very popular Enid Blyton books, which were once kept in the back room by a number of Auckland librarians who thought them too lacking in literary value to offer to children.
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