Books and Beyond: World's most expensive books

This week on Books and Beyond, Karen and Louisa talk about the world’s most expensive books.  

Listen to this episode on the Auckland Libraries SoundCloud and read on for the books mentioned in the show.

The top 10 most expensive books of all time:

  1. Book of Mormon: 
  2. The Codex Leicester
  3. St. Cuthbert Gospel
  4. Bay Psalm Book
  5. Rothschild Prayer Book
  6. Gospels of Henry the Lion
  7. The Birds of America
  8. The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer
  9. Shakespeare’s First Folio
  10. The Gutenburg Bible

Other works about rare and unique books and their fate:

  • Norman Mailer’s MoonFire deluxe edition by Taschen Publishing.

Does the price paid for a book always correspond to its value?

Karen’s most valued books:

Louisa's pick:

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