Reach out to Library Connect

The Library Connect team is the virtual team providing customer service to those who access library services without coming into a physical library. 

The need for the service was highlighted when 70% of customer research participants stated their preference for managing enquiries remotely.

The Library Connect team are Alison (pictured above), Meenu, Abi, Epi, and Jo.

Their collective 100 years of library experience enable them to answer a huge range of enquiries every day.  They bring a wealth of library knowledge and experience from across the region.

Each week they answer around 1000 calls and 400 emails.

Their recent enquiries include:

  • finding book titles using only descriptions of the cover and the plot of a book;
  • introducing customers to the vast range of magazines available free from RBDigital eMagazines;
  • talking customers through registering for to provide them with the opportunity to study from home;
  • helping customers become confident users of their digital devices;
  • and they even identified a song that a customer hummed!

The team is also able to direct customers to specialists to help resolve enquiries if required.

The Library Connect team are available from 8am - 7pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 5pm on weekends.

Phone: 09 377 0209 or use the general enquiries form on the Auckland Libraries website.